Biography - short 

Born in 1961. Music was always a major part of his family life. Marching-Drumlessons during the mandatory school years after which followed further Drumlessons with Franz Kneubuehler in Aarau. Subsequent studies at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern with Billy Brooks (USA). 1997 graduated from the Jazz School in St. Gallen after studies with Reto Giacopuzzi.

Thanks to Stephan Weber’s versatility and professionalism, he is a sought-after musician for many projects – a sure bet for live performances as well as studio jobs.

Played in various soul and rock bands: In Memoriam, Exodus, Rock-Ola, Jungletown. Jazz with Mathias Baumann, Hanspeter Stamm, Thomas Nüesch, Pius Baumgartner, Wolfgang Vetsch, Reto Suhner, Michel Kunz, Roy B. Shaw, Bryn Collinson (GB), Dizzy Luces (CSFR). Following a course led by Alphonse Mouzon (USA), he decided to pursue a career as a professional musician. He also worked as a radio moderator for jazz broadcasts. Drumteacher at the music schools in Brugg and Windisch.